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Cối Xay Thịt Người - Meat Grinder (2009)

  • Tên phim: Cối Xay Thịt Người - Meat Grinder (2009)
  • Đạo diễn: Tiwa Maytaisong
  • Diễn viên: Mai Charoenpura, Duangta Tungkamanee, Ratanabanlung Toesawat
  • Thể loại: Kinh Dị, Võ Thuật
  • Sản xuất: Đang cập nhật
  • Thời lượng: 90 phút
  • Năm phát hành: 2009
Meat Grinder takes you to taste the bizarre horror of traditional noodle recipe cooked by Bus, a woman who owns a noodle stall, a unique noodle stall.
Bus has been living with tension and stress for all of her life, she works hard for her family as a noodle cook. Sometimes, she is controlled by a mysterious voice that suggests her to do or not to do things. One day, she encounters a chaos in town and is rescued by a guy named Uttapol who later becomes her companion. That evening after the chaos, Bus surprisingly discovers a guy lying dead under her stall, she discreetly looks at him and comes up with her new recipe. Bus begins to slice his flesh, mix it with spices, and throw it into her noodle pot.
After her secret recipe is introduced, Bus gains so many customers and reputation of her delicious noodle. Meanwhile, the haunting voice still keeps talking to her, and tell her what to do. Bus tactfully starts to lure and murder people. The more she kills, the more of her dark side reveals. And when Uttapol begins to suspect Bus' behavior, he stumbles on the evil of her as he is now the hunted.-ethai

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