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Áo Choàng -The Cape (2011) - Season 1 (Tập 3/17)

The Cape The Cape: The Cape Review Has This Show Been Done Before???

Tên phim: The Cape (2011) - Season 1 (Tập 2/17)
Diễn viên: Summer Glau, Martin Klebba, Jennifer Ferrin, Izabella Miko
Thể loại: Truyền Hình Mỹ
Quốc gia: Phim Mỹ

The Cape premiered on NBC Sunday night, a new superhero drama.
Everyone loves a good superhero story, adults and teenagers alike.  The genre has become so popular in the last few years, we were excited about this new show.
The Cape is about Vince Faraday, an innocent police detective who was about to leave the force that has been corrupt in the fictional metropolis of Palm City. When his police chief is murdered by the mysterious individual known as Chess, Faraday learns of a plot by billionaire Peter Fleming to take over the police department.
The show is already being compared to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and Heroes…but not in a good way.
The Cape is already off to a rough start.  It’s unfortunately not as good as other superhero television shows.

The consensus so far, from other reviews, is that the show is too derivative.  The final scene with The Cape standing on top of one of the tall buildings looking out across the city is predictable and unoriginal.
The genre has been done so many ways before, and successfully, so if a show is going to tackle a storyline like this, it has to offer something unique and fresh.  Hopefully the next few episodes will be better.
The Cape stars Martin Klebba, Jennifer Ferrin and Izabella Miko.

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